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Rólam: Now that you are still reading this article that means you haven’t got the license for Windows 10 yet. Well! don’t worry because now we are going to learn how to download the Windows 11 activator free of cost.

Download Windows 11 Activator
Note: This guide is for the new users only as if you are the old user you probably know what to do.

Ok, so without wasting any time let’s check out these steps given below:

First of all, you need to click on the Download Now button that appears above.

After that, you will be redirected to another screen that shows the information of Windows 11 Activator just click the Download Windows 11 Activator button from there.

At this time the link will lead you towards the Mega.nz and there you need to click on the Download button near Import to.

Note: You can use Import to option to save this file in your Mega account to keep it permanently.

Once you click on the Download button the file will Start Downloading in your Browser automatically so wait until it completes.

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